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We support you in the development and implementation of an encompassing cybersecurity strategy. Our focus is on a cyber security management system that is individually adapted to your company. At MCS ACADEMY, our highly qualified team of trainers offers seminars on Automotive Cybersecurity, Functional Safety and Automotive SPICE®.

MCS is your consulting partner for implementing a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy for your entire organization. Our experts in Automotive Cybersecurity, Automotive SPICE®, and Functional Safety work with you to develop a comprehensive and compliant Cybersecurity Management System (CSMS) along your supply chain. With our cybersecurity ecosystem, we ensure that related areas and interfaces with IT security, OT security, and privacy are also validated and optimally integrated into the overall cybersecurity strategy alongside product cybersecurity.

The New Scope of Cybersecurity

Cyber Security Consulting for a Connected Future
The increasing interconnectedness through the Internet of Things (IoT) offers immense opportunities but also brings a growing threat from cybercrime. This is where Cyber Security Management Systems (CSMS) and Software Update Management Systems (SUMS) come into play—not only as keys to security and critical success factors but also as legal requirements for the automotive industry.

Challenges in the Connected World 
With the development of autonomous vehicles and smart mobility concepts, the connected car becomes an integral part of the IoT. However, with technological progress come increased cyber threats. Nowadays, more than 150 control units and over 100 million lines of software code are found in a vehicle, and these numbers are rising. This complexity poses enormous risks and makes the automotive industry a prime target for cybercriminals. The current mobility infrastructure offers a paradise for hackers, creating a significant cyber threat for vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers.

Legal Obligations and Industry Challenges Cybersecurity has become a critical issue for IT and OT as well as for the hardware and software value chain. Authorities have responded by making CSMS and SUMS mandatory for the automotive industry. The type approval of vehicles (homologation) is now dependent on meeting these security standards. However, these measures are not only crucial for the automotive sector. Industries such as construction and healthcare, whose products are also connected to the IoT, face similar challenges. Legal regulations will become critical to their success in the future as well.

Securing Your Future Our cybersecurity consulting aims to protect your company from the growing cyber threats. We are your experts for comprehensive cybersecurity implementation and are happy to support you in meeting legal requirements while optimizing your internal processes and training your employees. Secure your future—trust MCS as your reliable partner in the digital world.

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Cyber Security Beratung
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Automotive Cybersecurity

In the automotive sector, we provide support in Cybersecurity, Functional Safety, and Automotive SPICE®

Our services in automotive cybersecurity provide comprehensive support in all relevant areas. Contact us to learn more about our service offerings and how we can help advance your business.

Our offer – Automotive Cybersecurity

In which areas can our consultants and trainers support your company?

An excerpt from our Automotive Cybersecurity competency portfolio

Our powerful ecosystem partners offer customized technology support in areas such as Security Operations Center, Intrusion Detection Systems, Vulnerability Management, Threat Detection and Exposure Management, Penetration Testing, and Automated Security Awareness.

In which roles can we operate within your company?

An excerpt from our project support

In active committee work (ISO, intacs, VDA), we contribute to shaping standards and stay at the cutting edge of technological advancements.

Our offer – Cyber Security Strategy, CSMS & SUMS

We develop and operationalise your tailor-made cyber security strategy


Cyber security strategy as an elementary part of the corporate strategy

  • Raise awareness among top management and shareholders for holistic cyber security management
  • Analyse current and future targeted business models (e.g. digital business models)
  • Review current management systems (e.g. ISO 9001 etc.)
  • Fully assess product and market strategy (e.g. product programme etc.)
  • Investigate current risk management (e.g. ISO 31000 etc.)
  • Determine current and target core competencies (e.g. development and production depth for electronic hardware and software)
  • Review current and aspired hardware and software life cycle management
  • Manage current and aspired information, cyber security and privacy concept (e.g. ISO 27001, IEC 62443, General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Analysis of  current Cyber Security Organisation (AKV), e.g. for IT security, OT security, product cybersecurity and personal data protection, etc.
  • Analysis of current Cyber Security Ecosystem Management
  • From this, we derive the cyber security strategy and develop a roadmap adapted to the requirements and maturity of the organisation.
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Implementation of a Cyber Security Management System

  • Planning and support of implementation of UNECE R155, ISO 21434 by means of implementation of CSMS control loop MCS
  • Design and implementation of product cyber security processes and activities in product development process and lifecycle management
  • Accompanying cyber security certification or audit
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Cyber Security Ecosystem Management

  • Creation of specifications for cyber security ecosystem partners
  • Support with validation and selection of CS partners 
  • Monitoring performance CS Ecosystem Partner
  • Integrated project management of the client’s cyber security activities
  • Operational Vulnerability- und Incident Management
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Cyber Security as a Service

  • Automotive Cyber Security as a Service (ACSaaS) as an integrated service for medium-sized companies 
  • Typical cyber security services may include: risk assessments, vulnerability analysis, threat intelligence, incident response and compliance monitoring.
  • MCS works with automotive manufacturers, suppliers and fleet operators to identify and minimise potential cybersecurity risks. 
  • MCS also offers training to help client employees understand the importance of cybersecurity and protect themselves against potential threats.
  • Demand-oriented cyber security interim management for cyber security management functions
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Our offer – CSMS & SUMS

Implementation of a Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) in your company

Our CSMS offers you operational and process-related support in the implementation of technical cyber security solutions as a holistic system function across the entire life cycle of organisations and products. 

Security and Safety is a culture! Together we develop a holistic cyber security strategy that integrates perfectly with your company culture. 
together. cyber. secure.

Our offer – CSMS & SUMS

How MCS implements sustainable cyber risk management in your company

Our Cyber Security Management System

Our Software Update Management System

Magility Cyber Security

Cybersecurity regulations and standards at a glance

Cyber Security Beratung

For many years, cyber security in the field of IoT was merely a self-imposed framework that was either adhered to or not. For a few years now, there have been national and international activities for the automotive industry to standardize CSMS and SUMS and audit them. 

The implementation, operation, and maintenance of a CSMS as well as a SUMS have become an absolute necessity for automotive manufacturers who require type approval for their vehicles and sell them on European markets. Both manufacturers and suppliers are required to demonstrate compliance with the regulations for the vehicle and its components as laid down in the UN regulations (UNECE R 155 and R 156). These also include the requirement for certification in accordance with ISO 21434 “Road vehicles – Cybersecurity engineering” and ISO 24089 “Road vehicles – Software update engineering”.

The MCS-CSMS and the MCS-SUMS meet all the requirements of the UNECE regulations and also take into account all other regulations and framework conditions. 

Further regulations, also for other industries, will surely follow in the next few years. The MCS-CSMS and the MCS-SUMS are continuously adapted to all new relevant framework conditions and mandatory regulations, so that with the MCS-CSMS and the MCS-SUMS you do not have to worry about whether all requirements are met. You are on the safe side with us! 

Magility und Magility Cyber Security - ein starkes Team

magility Cyber Security – one DNA, two companies

Magility Cyber Security is your professional partner for the comprehensive implementation of cyber security. With technological expertise and foresight, we not only help your organisation comply with legal requirements. With the highest level of efficiency and our forward-thinking approach, we immerse ourselves in the lives of our clients and also ensure that Cyber Security fits seamlessly into their strategy and organisation. 

“Together. Cyber. Secure.” In line with our motto, we ensure with a team of experts and technological partners that our customers always remain securely in the fast lane – networked, technologically and economically. 

This complete offer clearly sets us apart from all current offers on the market. We are virtually a one-stop shop for your cyber security issues.

Get to know us

The MCS Team

Name:Dino MunkPosition:Managing partner /CEOIm Unternehmen seit:2022Ich mag an der Arbeit bei MCS:I want to actively shape cyber security for our clients in various industires with a highly experienced and young team, bringing together people, expertise, and dedication.
Name:Dr. Michael W. MüllerPosition:Managing partnerIm Unternehmen seit:2022Ich mag an der Arbeit bei MCS:International teamwork, future topic cyber security, the opportunity to help shape things from the start.

The MCS Network

Through our close cooperation with Magility GmbH, we can draw on a long-standing eco-system with technology companies that work hand in hand with us: We are closely networked and work trustfully with leading cyber security providers, e.g. from Cyber Hub Israel. With our experienced cyber security experts, we are ideally positioned to offer our customers a holistic range of services across the entire product lifecycle, end-to-end, and across the entire software supply chain.

The MCS Promise

  • Our CSMS and SUMS are simply a custom-fit add-on
  • For us, security-by-design is not a question of money and time but primarily a question of culture. 
  • We seamlessly adapt our CSMS and SUMS into your strategy and organisation
  • We always evaluate individually and consider the overall system holistically
  • Our consultants and experts are already “at home” in the automotive industry for many years

Our Cyber Security References

International testing, inspection & certification group

Branche: Testing, inspection and certification of technical systems and vehicles

Projektfokus: Design and implementation of customer-oriented cyber security strategy including service portfolio; development of a CS business unit for certification and auditing of CSMS.

Cyber Security in der TIC Industrie

Automotive Tier 1

Branche: Electronic components (hardware and software)

Projektfokus: Implementation of ISO 21434 plus customer-specific cyber security guidelines; preparation for certification and auditing by the customer.

Cyber Security in der Tier 1 Industrie

Magility Cyber Security News

Cyber Security Insights

Careers at MCS

MCS combines start-up spirit with many years of entrepreneurial experience. As a young company with experienced management, our employees have creative freedom to shape their work – at the same time, cyber security is a cutting-edge and highly complex topic that requires specific expert knowledge, a high affinity for technology and above-average performance. Become part of our team and successfully use your strengths and talents at MCS!

The Magility locations

MCS Office-location Wendlingen

MCS is located in the listed Neckarspinnerei site in Wendlingen am Neckar, embedded in the banks of the Neckar River. The building from the turn of the century, which is currently being transformed into a forward-looking sustainable quarter through an elaborate real estate development with international support, also houses a startup campus. We are one of the companies that has been part of this fast-growing startup community from the very beginning.

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Cyber Security Beratung

Open vacancies

Management Assistant (m/f/x) Project Manager / Senior Expert (m/f/x) Cyber Security Associate (m/f/x) Cyber Security Unsolicited application

Your contact to MCS

Contact us for the implementation of your cyber security strategy!

We are also the right partner for you if you need cyber security advice in certain areas or for specific projects. Furthermore, we also manage the technical implementation in cooperation with our cyber security ecosystem partners.

This way, you can be sure that you will receive a holistic cyber security offer where everything is just right.