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Immerse yourself in the world of Security and Functional Safety! Alongside our experienced trainers and high quality trainings, you’ll be thoroughly prepared for your company, your products, and your professional career. Our flexible learning formats at the MCS ACADEMY and customized Automotive Cybersecurity, Functional Safety and Automotive SPICE® Trainings offer comprehensive education and practical training that will undoubtedly propel you forward.

In our Trainings, discover how to confront the increasing threats, hazards, and risks. Learn to comprehensively understand the latest standards and best practices to protect vehicles from hacker attacks. Get familiar with state of the art functional safety development principles fulfilling latest standards. Learn to understand and efficiently implement Automotive SPICE® method specifications. Qualify, for instance, as an “Automotive Cybersecurity Engineer,” through our cooperation with TÜV Nord, and enhance your career prospects. Make your products safe & secure!

Thanks to the extensive experience of our trainers, our training courses are characterized by high practical relevance with numerous examples for appropriate, suitable, and secure implementation of requirements. Our trainings focus on the objectives and practical implementation of standards and take place in small groups.

Secure Your Future: MCS Academy for the Automotive Industry

General Information

– The seminar overview indicates which courses are held in German and which ones in English.
– The training material is entirely in English, the language of the standards.
– The training sessions include detailed slides for reading and are also intended for further studies.
– Our courses have a maximum of 12 participants.
– This ensures that the understanding of the material taught and exercises are at a high level.
– The courses are enhanced with accompanying question rounds and exercises to assess learning outcomes.
– Each participant receives a certificate for successful completion.

Our Promise
– We adapt to your situation.
– Our training courses are offered publicly and in-house within companies.
– We employ only high qualified trainers.
– We guarantee practical training sessions.
– Online and on-site, to meet individual needs.
– Time, scheduling, and content for in-house seminars can be tailored to your specific requirements.
– Please share your objectives with us so we can work out with you a suitable offer.

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MCS Seminare

Overview of the MCS Academy offer with current Cybersecurity, Functional Safety, and Automotive Spice® Seminars

As long as our Early Bird bird is chirping, you book at the Early Bird price. If the bird is no longer there, the standard price applies. The current price will automatically adjust in the ‘Fee’ field.

When the green checkmark appears, it means the minimum number of participants for the seminar has been reached, and the seminar is guaranteed to take place.

Automotive Cybersecurity Trainings

Introduction to Automotive Cybersecurity (2 days)

Automotive Cyber Security Grundlagenseminar

Information Security and Automotive Cybersecurity Awareness for Beginners and Users

Train your understanding of information security and automotive cybersecurity! Our seminar offers you the opportunity to gain an understanding of information security aspects in general and product cybersecurity in the automotive sector in particular. During the training you will learn to identify and assess risks and specify measures for dealing with them. Many examples and case studies will enable you to apply security controls in everyday life and to react preventively and proactively to possible threats. Both in terms of information security as well as cybersecurity and its peripheral domains. Join us and become a competent user in the field of information security and automotive cybersecurity! Get to know the thoughts of attackers.


Objectives and Contents

Target Group

Automotive Cybersecurity Trainings

Automotive Cybersecurity Engineer (3 days +)

Automotive Cybersecurity Engineer

3-day training plus optional letter of qualification TÜV NORD (exam)

Basis: Standard ISO/SAE 21434 and UNECE reg. [155]/ reg. [156]

This course, which the MCS Academy offers in cooperation with TÜV Nord, provides you with detailed knowledge on how to develop cybersecurity requirements in the automotive environment in compliance with the standards. It includes the automotive security standard ISO/SAE 21434, the homologation requirements of the UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) covering the requirements for CSMS and SUMS and references to functional safety (ISO 26262) as well as the security add-on to Automotive SPICE®.


Objectives and Content

In the qualification course you will:

Target Group

The Cybersecurity Engineer (Automotive) training is specifiically for

Your Qualification

After completing the training, you will have the opportunity to take part in a TÜV examination. This examination is conducted under the supervision of TÜV Nord. Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive a Letter of Qualification from TÜV Nord confirming your qualification as a Cybersecurity Engineer (Automotive).

Automotive Cybersecurity Trainings

TARA Intensive (1 day)

TARA Intensiv: Training und Workshop

Practical workshop TARA for automotive cybersecurity users in the project

Conducting threat analysis and risk assessment is central to automotive cybersecurity and at the core of any security standard. In this training you will learn how to perform your first Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment (TARA). We from the MCS Academy will familiarize you with the concept of risk assessment according to Clause 15 of the international standard ISO/SAE 21434 While the standard only specifies the necessary “WHAT” steps, we will provide you with a systematic step-by-step field-tested “HOW” method.


Objectives and Contents

Target Group

This training is aimed at employees who:

The New Cybersecurity Challenges and Demands for Automotive Organisations and Projects – An Insight View; Springer:

Functional Safety Trainings

Introduction to the principles of Functional Safety

Functional Safety Basis Seminar

Basic knowledge for Users and Beginners

Although the topic of functional safety has been known for some time (IEC 61508; first ISO 26262:2011 in automotive), it is still new for many companies:

The training teaches basic principles: what holds functional safety together internally? Based on the experiences and implementations gained in many real customer projects through collaboration, assessments, audits, etc., we will go through the topic of functional safety.


Objectives and content

Target Group

Our Experts

Training Team

Discover our highly qualified training team, bringing many years of expertise to the table. Our trainers are not only renowned authors and conference speakers, but also active members in various committees and boards e.g. ISO DIN AK 11/ intacs® Advisory Board/ intacs® WG CyberSecurity SPICE/ ZVEI and others.

With extensive experience in key areas such as cybersecurity, functional safety, and information security, they assist OEMs and suppliers in implementing challenging projects in different roles such as trainers, assessors, certified lead auditors for management systems, and consultants. From training hundreds of cybersecurity engineers to supporting the implementation of compliance measures such as CSMS according to ISO/PAS 5112 – our team is here to provide proven expertise. Explore why our trainers are the top choice for companies in the automotive industry seeking premier training and consultancy services.

Our Trainers

Name:Dino Munk Position:CEOIm Unternehmen seit:2022Ich mag an der Arbeit bei MCS:As a Cyber Security Trainer at MCS, I firmly believe that imparting knowledge in the field of cybersecurity and functional safety is of paramount importance. In an increasingly digitized world, it is essential that both individuals and organizations possess the necessary expertise to effectively protect themselves and their products from threats.
Name:Dr. Thomas LiedtkePosition:Senior Cybersecurity ExpertIm Unternehmen seit:2023Ich mag an der Arbeit bei MCS:At MCS, I truly enjoy the variety. Working on challenging topics across different roles with customers and colleagues keeps things fresh. As a trainer, I find immense satisfaction in sharing knowledge using diverse methods. This fosters a dynamic learning environment where everyone benefits – both by sharing experiences and by constantly acquiring new skills.
Dr. Thomas Liedtke
Name:Markus SteinmetzPosition:Manager & Trainer Im Unternehmen seit:2024Ich mag an der Arbeit bei MCS:Concentrated specialist knowledge that gets to the point. That’s what I find at MCS. Here I can introduce and further expand my topics, especially functional safety and security. MCS’s range of services for security (product security, OT security, IT security) challenges me from project to project, which I really enjoy.
Markus Steinmetz

Participation and Data Privacy

Booking and Participation Conditions

The participation fee for training sessions at Magility Cyber Security includes conference materials and refreshments with snacks during onsite trainings at our seminar rooms, as well as lunch. You will receive the conference materials in digital format. Upon receipt of your registration, you will receive a confirmation.

The services will be invoiced one week before the seminar.

Payment Terms

The participation fee is subject to the applicable value-added tax and is due immediately upon receipt of the invoice. Early booking and volume discounts as well as other discounts will be applied directly upon invoicing. In case of late payment, default interest will be charged in accordance with the then-current legal regulations.

Examination fees from third-party providers such as TÜV Nord are collected on their behalf. Discounting on these fees is not possible.

Cancellation Policy

For registrations, cancellation is free of charge up to 6 weeks before the event date, thereafter the following amounts are due:

We are happy to accept a substitute participant at no additional cost.

The organizer reserves the right to make program changes in urgent cases. If the number of participants is too low, we also reserve the right to cancel the seminar. In this case, your participation will be canceled, and you will receive a discount on a subsequent seminar. If a seminar is marked with “Guaranteed Date,” the minimum number of participants has been reached and the seminar will take place as scheduled.

Storage of Your Data

Your personal data will be processed by Magility Cyber Security for the organization and conducting of the event. If you participate in an examination with a third-party provider such as TÜV Nord, we will transfer the necessary data to the respective provider. By booking the seminar, you agree to this.

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